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Dallin & Gollinger of Coldwell Banker

Dallin and Gollinger had a successful 2018 sales and marketing campaign with over $50 million sold with an additional $50 million new listings coming to market over the next 6 months.  With over $2 Billion worth of sales and marketing experience, Dallin and Gollinger have sold product throughout Metro Boston and pride themselves on customer satisfaction. 

Trinity Green Development, LLC

 Based in Milton, MA, Trinity Green Development, LLC is a boutique real estate development company with a reputation for creating thoughtfully designed urban residences throughout the City of Boston. Known for their high attention to detail and their upscale sensibility, the team at Trinity Green Development, LLC is committed to creating residences that are functional and stylish and properties that add value to their surrounding neighborhoods. 

Choo and Company

Focusing mainly on commercial and multi-family projects, Choo & Company, Inc. works mostly in the Greater Boston area. The firm was founded in 1993 by Boston native Arthur Choo Jr. Relying on service, excellence, and leadership to distinguish itself from competitors, Choo & Company, Inc. employs the most creative, technically proficient, and professional team available.

Russell Design Associates

The architects at Russell Design Associates take inspiration for their design from both the location of a property and the future residents who will call the property home. Combining pragmatic efficiencies with beautiful and unexpected finishing touches, the team at Russell Design Associates is committed to integrating lifestyle flexibility and practical elegance into their design. 

Marketing Team


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